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Why the butterfly?

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation with its impressive process of transition and metamorphosis. From a lowly stage to amazing form and function, the beautiful and dynamic nature of this symbol helps capture SPM's commitment to the transformation and management of your property.


Important news

Winter is here! Please contact our office to learn more about our Winter maintenance services. 

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Why SPM?

SPM Logo ButterflySPM offers an alternative landscape management experience—one that begins with a high level of service from a team of industry professionals.  SPM is committed to building relationships with each customer while helping to improve and nurture their landscape. The service programs are designed to fit their customers' goals and budgets. 

It’s rather simple, really. Whether you are trying to lease, sell or manage your property, it is important to communicate and work with a company that understands your values, goals and the exterior landscape requirements for the properties.  

The experience of working with SPM often continues long after your property’s transformation, because their team is an ongoing resource for you.   They take pride in building partnerships from the very beginning.

The team at SPM would love to talk about your particular landscape management plan, so get in touch today!



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